5 SaaS Growth Hacking Strategies for SaaS Startups

There are many strategies that your SaaS startup can implement to hack your growth and take you to the next level, perhaps quicker than your first thought. In an intense and saturated market, it’s essential to know the best marketing hacks that are legit, cost-effective and proven to work over a sustained period of time.

Some of the best SaaS companies in the world such as Shopify, Salesforce and Workday regularly use various marketing tactics that have helped them grow rapidly. Just like your SaaS startup, these worldwide corporations all started out somewhere and they got to where they are today by marketing their service to the best of their ability.

As marketers we should be changing the mantra from ”always be closing” to ”always be helping”

According to cobloom, up to 11% of industry-leading SaaS companies don’t have a blog with the average SaaS blog generating 573 organic visits per months. As you can see, 573 visits per months that are free and are purely attracted from free content is an alarming statistic that SaaS startups should definitely latch on to in a saturated market.

As well as blogging, there are various other strategies to significantly increase your online traffic and increase your sales such as the FAQ section, psychological pricing, transparent blogging and many more tactics we’ll discuss for you ultimate growth hacking.

Let’s have a more detailed look at each of the tactics you can start implementing today for your business growth…

FAQ Section

shopify faq growth hacking

Above, is a screenshot of how Shopify have constructed their very own FAQ section.

An FAQ section is a great way to really zone in on your most asked questions for customers to get an immediate response to there questions. In the modern day, according to wyzowl.com, our attention span has rapidly decreased in the last few years with the average person only keeping consistent concentration for 8.25 seconds.

This is said to be due to digital technology and the inability to focus becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives. Attention is trying to grab us everywhere. Through TV, Billboards, Email. You name it. Someone’s trying to get your attention or sell you something.

Why is this important to your SaaS business and online resources? Well, because people want answers immediately to their question as that’s how society is evolving. As humans, we’ve got so used to instant gratification and information at our fingertips that if we don’t get it, we go somewhere else to another competitor where we can get instant answers.

That’s why the FAQ section works wonders as it will also save you labour costs and responding to mass emails as your frequently asked question section will be easily available on your site.

Skyscraper technique 

This isn’t a very well known technique to growth hack your way to success as a SaaS startup. However, If done well, it can set you apart from the competition by some distance. This marketing technique will also save you time and effort of coming up with new trending ideas from scratch.

This technique is all about monitoring trends, topics and the latest content in the SaaS market and then putting your own spin on an existing piece of content that is performing to a high-quality standard in your industry.

This technique was created by backlinko’s Brian Dean.

Here’s how to implement this technique to the highest standard:

 1.) Find a piece of content that’s hot in your market and ranking high with high monthly volume searches.
(You check this on tools such as Buzz Sumo and Google Console, as well as the Keyword Planner)

2.) Re-write this in your own words but make it better, longer and more in-depth with a different spin on it. Make sure it’s unique or you’ll get penalised in the rankings.

3.) Start reaching out to the people that have already linked to the existing piece of content and ask/email them for a link.
(You can assess this on Ahrefs

In SEO, the more links you get from other authoritative sites, the higher you’ll rank which means more traffic and sales for you! It’s all about domain authority and the credibility that you are building with Google. This marketing technique will allow you to climb the rankings quicker than you usually would be able too.

Sign up Form on Homepage

saas growth hacking

An immediate call to action could be a great marketing technique to use. When your readers – attracted by your high rankings – land on your home page they will see an immediate form that they can get further information from.

By asking them for their email address in exchange for maybe a PDF version of your best SaaS service tips or something else in free value, you will then have their email address for life.

Once you capture hundreds of these unique email address’ and as the numbers start to build up, you can then start email marketing campaigns offering discounts, sale periods and all sorts of value about your service to your customers!

Physiological pricing (£39 instead of £40)

Entrepreneur.com refers to this as ‘charming pricing’ but it can also be known as psychological pricing. This is all about knowing how your B2B or B2C customers interpret numbers and how they perceive them.

From a sub-conscious point of view, we view monetary values in simple terms and in black and white. For example, if we see £2.99, we tend to view this as the monetary value of £2.00. Subconsciously, we round down in our brains as we read from left to right. Therefore, we see the ‘2’ before the ’99’ and this has connotations of ‘cheap’, ‘reasonable pricing’ and sometimes even a ‘bargain’.

This is great for pricing as if you’re selling your SaaS service for £299 instead of £300, people are going to think it’s cheaper subconsciously. Try it yourself. £299 looks and sounds a lot cheaper than £300, right? This is why we see so many pricing strategies that end in the number 9!

Transparent blogging 

Another great marketing technique you can use a SaaS startup is transparent blogging.

Transparent blogging is the opposite of your typical salesy type of content trying to push a product or service into someone’s face before they crack and buy it. It’s quite the opposite actually.

Transparent blogging is the equivalent to having your very own online book on your website and giving away all your knowledge, advice and expertise for free to your readers and potential customers.

You might be wondering why would you do this, right? Well, the answer is simple. You’re making yourself stand out in a saturated marketed and being visible as being an industry- leading company for everything SaaS in your related field of expertise with what you have to offer.

As well as the credibility that you reap and customers being more likely to buy your service if your content is SEO optimised, you’re going to get free online traffic heading over towards your site purely from the informative posts you are writing. It really is a no brainer.