It’s no secret that content marketing is one of the hottest topics around in 2019 and is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, according to Vivial, the industry is growing so rapidly that content marketing software is expected to grow at a rate of 20.4% and reach a figure of $17.01 billion by 2026.

Staggering, right? But, as you know, content is king and what’s a website without any sort of authoritative content that explains what they do, how they can help and what they provide? You could have the nicest website in the world but if there’s nothing on there explaining why you’re of service to your customers, your success is going to be limited.

Enter Content Marketing…


why do you need content marketing

Big multi-national brands such as Red Bull and Coca-Cola even use content marketing despite their huge success’ through advertising and word of mouth. But, it’s also a great tool for start-up business’, especially digital marketing and SaaS start-ups. In this article, I want to give you 5 key reasons why you should invest in content marketing and how it can significantly have an outstanding impact on your business growth, online traffic and more.

Let’s dig in…

1.) It Gets Results


Let’s be serious, in business we want results as quick as possible. And by results, I’m talking about sales, profitability and revenue. Moreover, if enquiries are your main business objective as a lead, this works too. The bottom line is by producing highly-valuable content on a regular basis, you’ll be helping your customers and building a relationship with them for the long-term.

Just like mention, by helping your customer solve a problem and providing free, helpful content, it’s going to massively increase your chances of getting a sale from them and even better, them returning to you in the future for repeat sales.

People buy on trust and knowledge. It’s just the same as in a physical shop. if someone went out of their way to help you and guide you to the best product at the best price, would you be more likely to buy? I know I would be! Content marketing is no different. It’s just a modern way of customer service and showing that you care about the problems of your customers.

Basically, it’s writing content around your products and services about how you can provide the best solution and make their lives 10x easier because of it. Money is just an exchange for value and with quality content marketing, you’ll be on the road to business growth.

2.) Content Marketing Helps Build a Community


Through your target keywords and valuable content, this is going to help you get quality visitors to your blog. So, if you are a SaaS startup selling a software programme, you’re actually going to get a high percentage of your visitors that are looking to buy from you. This is the power of targeted content around your products and services. it’s all about the quality of leads you are getting.

Furthermore, as you build up your blogs and content production, you’ll start to build up your online traffic. This will result in comments, emails and enquiries with people wanting the expert help that you’re portraying. A community will start to build and you’ll be known as the ‘go to’ business to help them.

It’s great to engage in the comment section and reply to your emails to help your readers out. Just because they are a reader now, doesn’t mean they won’t be a customer in no time. Content marketing gives you a chance to convert them by helping them out upfront as much as you can. Then, relating back to the first point, as soon as you’re going above and beyond for them, they will start to value you and your business more.

3.) Content Marketing Helps You Become Authoritative


Content marketing separates you from the rest. If your competitors have the best product as you but don’t have any content or helpful guidance for their readers then guess what? I can guarantee they would rather buy from you.

It’s important to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If your customer is coming to your website with a problem and you are solving it and then giving them a solution to make their life easier, then they’re on to a winner and so are you! It aids your business growth and helps you to become an industry leader that provides value. Long gone as the days were being typically ‘salesy’ works. Provide outstanding content upfront and your customers will be coming to you, not the other way around.

4.) Content Ranks in Google


need content marketing

As your content grows month by month, you will be ranked higher up on Google’s search engine. There are strategic ways to do this for your different services and products which I would love to help you with. But, you can get different posts on pages 1 & 2 of Google for that search term your optimising for.

This means no longer have you got to outreach to customers all day every day. By ranking high in Google, you have a global platform of business leaders and individuals who need your help. This is especially powerful for digital marketing and SaaS startups as it’s not a physical product you are selling. This means no shipping or other expenses are needed. It’s a highly cost-effective way of marketing your products!

5.) Content Marketing Allows a ‘Call to Action’


Content marketing allows you to convert readers into customers in an ethical and credible way. Instead of just have a massive ‘BUY NOW!’ on your website with no description, information or benefit to what you’re selling, you can optimise strategic content and then place a ‘call to action‘ at the bottom of each post.

Your call-to-action may vary depending on your business objective. However, an example may be a click-through link to your product after explaining the benefits of it. In this example, you’ve offered value upfront for free and now offering a solution. This really is a great long-term marketing technique that can reap you benefits for years.

You see, that’s what’s great about content. Once it’s on your website, it could be a sales magnet for years and years. So, once it’s created, traffic and enquiries are bound to build for your startup.